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Shop open

After a short break, the store is open again for a while. Please spend some money! If you want any of the albums with a signature, mention this in the “Order notes” field on the Checkout-page. Thank you!

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Sales temporarily open

I still have issues with PayPal processing and it seems the account is not being released anytime soon. PayPal’s customer service is really bad. I no longer trust that corporation at all!

Therefore, at the moment I sell this stuff only to Finland (Cash On Delivery + Wire Transfer)

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S├ęsame, ouvre-toi

Please have a look at my shop >>> I started this “boutique project” already in November 2017. The first few months I did research and installed various e-commerce platforms, but then I ended up choosing the WooCommerce / WordPress. If you are looking for a small business webshop, this is the combo I recommend to check out.

Questions, Leave the comments down here, danke schoen kiitos kiitos